Rigel 5-octave Cross-strung Harp

by Blessley Instruments

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The Rigel is a stave backed harp with 61 strings. The top of the

soundbox is slightly smaller than the Orion. People with narrow shoulders

or prominent clavicles find it very comfortable to play.


We are very grateful to Harper Tasche for his assistance in the design of this harp. His advice on the string spacing and other elements required to make the cross-strung harps comfortable and easy to play was invaluable. The rosemaling painting on Harper Tasche's Rigel harp is an extra cost option. See Carvings & Decorations for more information.

You can hear Harper Tasche play this harp on his newest CD, "Powers that Be."

Call or write to Harper Tasche - (206) 329-4599 or PMB #1397 - 1122 E Pike St., Seattle, WA 98122 or harper@seanet.com (See Harper Tasche's Orion model cross-strung harp)


This harp has four soundholes in the back, which is an extra cost option. Three soundholes are standard.

The Rigel Cross-Strung Harp can be built in a variety of hardwoods. This one is made of mahogany. The soundboard is constructed of Steinway grade, Sitka Spruce.

See our Models page for more information.

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